2022 Autumn - Economic considerations of content- and news consumption at the household level

Traditional way of watching television is still in strong position

Research question and methodology

The mediums providing news and content have developed various business models in the past few years. Among those models we can find solutions that are either financed by advertising money or by the costumers, or - in hybrid models - even by both.  Considering these various models, it’s interesting to see how the proportion of traditional TV-watching and the proportion of streaming will look like in the future. Among other subjects the answer to this question have also been provided by the latest research that covered 3000 Hungarian households applying a national representative sample. The study has been conducted in the co-operation of MEME, the Association of Hungarian Electronic Broadcasters and NMHH, National Media and Infocommunication Authority.   

TV-set is still the No1 device

Undoubtably, besides the traditional TV-set there are many different devices - that can deliver media content - are available in the households, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones. However, still the traditional TV-set is the number one device for consuming video media content.

Either we consider the real-time content broadcasted by the TV channels or the content provided by the streaming suppliers, the hegemony of the traditional TV-set as a device is unquestionable.